About CISB

 Canadian International School, Bangladesh is a Canadian accredited school by the Ministry of Education, Nova Scotia, Canada and by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO). At CISB, we follow Canadian curriculum  from Early Years through to Grade 9 and then  dual track programs of Canadian (Nova Scotia) and  IBDP from  Grade 10 to 12 . This means that our students are empowered with the ability to decide on the program that best fits their needs. Canada and Bangladesh have a strong educational partnership. There are many private schools in Dhaka, Bangladesh but only one that offers a comprehensive certified Nova Scotia, Canada course of studies. Meeting the needs of students academically as well as socially is the goal of our school.

Since 2005 the Canadian International School Bangladesh has been committed to high quality education that nurtures the mind and body of all students as they pursue academic excellence. Our graduates are creative and innovative thinkers and are ready to take challenges, this allows them to get admission into top ranked universities around the world. Our students attain necessary Pre-University courses and skills graduating with a Canadian Diploma or an International Baccalaureate Diploma that opens doors to the prestigious universities in Canada and  around the world. Starting in Grade 11 we support them through the process of planning, choosing, researching their choice of programs at the various universities, ultimately supporting them in the admission process to their chosen universities. 

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