Life Is Better With True Friends

It is very important to have true friends who are always with you and there to support you. If you want true or real friends, first you have to be the one to show them you are a truly loyal friend, like how you have to respect others to gain their respect.

True friends mean staying beside you when you are in trouble, even when you are sad, mad, angry or even when you are in a good mood. Real friends are like one soul in two bodies.

 The way to get a true friend or if you want to be a true friend, you have to show them care/trust  so they feel that you are a very caring person and they start believing that you are a unique person. Respect them, share their feelings, don’t show dishonesty to them or let them feel insecure about you. Try gaining their trust by keeping their secrets or hide all the personal information which is shared to you only.

 A good trustworthy friend is one who also catches other people’s feelings or understands others. Jokes and other things may make them laugh but sometimes jokes can be a pain to the heart. You have to know when they are serious/mad or when they are happy and goofy. We all have been into fights with our best friends but it’s natural.“Best Friends Always Fight” but in the end, we become as one. Take your friend as gifted not granted. Express them with words and feelings like “You are the best friend I’ve ever had”, “You always make me happy”. These simple words can make your relationship even stronger.

From my perspective, my true friendship was spending time with some classmates. They were the ones who always helped me, protected me and always made me feel very comfortable when I was around them. They would always by my side when I am in trouble, they were the ones who always made me confident although we also had a lot of clash and battle but it made our relationship stronger. A true friend can be multiple, it doesn’t always have to be one or more than one. Spending time with them is very fun. We all once met together in the world’s largest shopping mall in Dhaka called “Jamuna Future Park” for my birthday. Time flew so fast that 6 hrs was already gone in a few seconds. I really loved the time we spent there. We all watched a movie together, rode arcades, ate and had lots of fun. Those precious moments really made me happy and I think our relationship became very strong as a team.

Having “Trust” for each other is the best way to being a real/true friend. So, it is better than having real friends rather than having fake friends who always talk behind our backs and disguises as if they are our friend. I am also not a perfect friend to others, I always learn from my mistakes every day and try my best to improve myself, you can also try your best to become the best true friend to others!

Lee Donguk