Coordinator, International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

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Campus: Banani Campus
Appointment Date: 01 August 2022
Apply By: 28 February 2022

Canadian International School inviting applications for IBDP coordinator position for August 2022.

The Role of the Diploma Coordinator in the IB DP Programme

Canadian International School Bangladesh has been educating the children of many homelands since 2005.  It is a Nursery to Grade 12 school, with Grades 1 to 8 following the curriculum of the Province of Ontario, Canada, and grades 9 through Grade 12 employing the curriculum of the Canadian Province of Nova Scotia.  The addition of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program option will allow for an even broader spectrum of students who will have an even more diverse pathway to university studies.

Education is a preparation for the future, although even the most distinguished citizens would have difficulty agreeing on what that really means. The future is always an unknown, always full of surprises.  Yet regardless of what our students’ adult reality may look like, the IB Program aims to prepare them for all eventualities. It will do this by providing a rigorous, well-rounded instructional program that gives them the skills to survive, an understanding of themselves and the world, and the courage to engage with that future for positive change.

Responsible action begins at CISB. Our mission is to prepare our students to be better individuals and so to make our community and that future world a better place. The IB Mission Statement is linked at the core to our CISB Mission Statement.  Whatever complexities our students will meet, the IB Programme will offer them an understanding of their world and give them the skills to engage that future world responsibly.

It is the Diploma Coordinator’s role to keep this educational program on track. It is up to the Coordinator to provide the leadership and administrative backbone necessary to graduate students who fit the IB student profile.  The Coordinator must work with students, teachers, and school management to pull together the Programme and move it forward. As well, the Coordinator must also work with parents and with the community to enhance an awareness of IB and expand its place in the community education vocabulary.

Key Relationships

● Reports to School CEO and Head of School

● Collaborates with the Principal in support of IBDP program

● Coordinates with CEO, Principal and the Teachers to produce Master Schedule for IB and Nova Scotia programs.

General Duties

● Record all communication, forms, documents, and reports from the IB.

● Record and distribute all IB publications, where necessary.

● Contribute to the promotion and development of the IBDP both within

and outside the School.

● Regularly update faculty and administration on IB matters related to the

IB Diploma Programme and all new/revised IB Diploma Programme


● Attend conferences, workshops, and regional meetings.

● Ensure that appropriate textbooks and resources are made available.

● Organize and moderate internal assessment according to the Diploma


● Participate with school leadership on curriculum and assessment within

school and the IBDP.

● Set and monitor goals to improve IB student retention rates and IB exam


● Manage the IB Diploma Program budget in consultation with CEO.

● Remain current in knowledge of IB instructional and programmatic

developments and current educational practices

● Recruit new students to the program through school visits, information

sessions, and marketing materials.

● Provide regular verbal and written feedback to CEO and Chairman

regarding program implementation for purposes of growth and


Teaching and Leadership

● Promote a collaborative culture reflective of an IB school.

● Collaborate on curriculum development in 9th and 10th grade as

preparatory years for Diploma Program entry.

● Ensure that all teachers are suitably qualified and trained in accordance

with IB requirements.

● Conduct regular meetings with IB teachers.

● Provide support and information to teachers new to the IB, especially in

pedagogy and assessment.

● Oversee the five-year review.

● Coordinate participation in Diploma workshops and professional learning.

● Inform all concerned about assessment procedures and deadlines.

● Prepare timelines for submission of work to the IB.

● Facilitate outcome-based collaborative planning, professional

development and meetings for teachers to develop teacher capacity.

● Coordinate with counselling to ensure proper scheduling of students,

● Collaborate with staff on creation of the master schedule.

● Coordinate IB diploma program schedule and events in support of

school master schedule


● Ensure all students are clear about the requirements and student fees

associated with the IB Diploma Program .

● Inform 9th and 10th grade students about IB Diploma requirements.

● Advise students on subject selection.

● Monitor students’ progress and coordinate support for those

experiencing difficulty.



● Provide comprehensive information to parents about the Diploma

Program and the School’s milestones.

● Organize parent meetings to:

○Advise parents on the suitability of the IB Program for their child(ren).

○Inform parents about the requirements of the IBDP.

○Notify parents about their child(ren)’s progress.

○Keep parents apprised of their student’s progress in all subjects, the Extended Essay, and the CAS program.


● Ensure that students are registered for examinations.

● Ensure conduct of examinations (written and oral) and visiting examiners. ● Ensure that all internal assessment materials are sent to respective


● Send examination answer scripts to IB examiners on time.

● Report examination irregularities.

● Organise distribution of results.

● Work with school leadership to analyse results and adjust program

delivery as necessary.

Education and Experience: 

  1. Minimum Master degree in any discipline preferably in Education Administration
  2. IB training

Job Experience

  1. Minimum 2 years experience in teaching and administration in IB in an IB World School
  1. Experience in IBDP Teaching  and Administration

Language Proficiency:

English: Fluent in speaking and writing.

Job Location:

Dhaka (on-site and off-site)