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Education is the most crucial factor for the development of a country. Education is directly related to human capital development, factor productivity, economic growth and the socio-economic development of Bangladesh. Canada and Bangladesh have a strong economic and educational partnership. There are many private schools in Dhaka Bangladesh. There is only one that offers a comprehensive certified Nova Scotia Canada course of studies combined with a local athletic DISA affiliation. Meeting the needs of students academically as well as socially is the goal of the Canadian International School Bangladesh (CISB).

Since 2005 The Canadian International School Bangladesh has been committed to high quality English-medium education that nurtures the mind and body of all students as they pursue academic excellence.


First I would like to thank you and your whole country for the warm welcome to Dhaka. Never have I met so many friendly people in one city.  I’m still amazed when on a downtown shopping trip and people who are coming down the street say “good morning!” with a friendly smile. When I’m lost, as I frequently am, if I stop to look at the GPS in my phone there will be two or three people there to ask if I need help or directions before I can even open up the maps.  So yes, it’s a pleasure to be here. You make it a special place.

I’ve arrived from Vancouver, Canada, where I was Principal of Surrey Muslim School for the past couple of years.  Before that, I’d been Principal of several Canadian curriculum schools in China and the Middle East and taught at a couple of universities as well.  And before that, I’ve been Principal of schools across Canada, from the Atlantic to the Pacific.  

In a few days, my wife and daughter will join me from the Philippines.  That will be a new experience for both of them, but mostly for my daughter who will join the Grade 8 class here at CISB.  I know they will both enjoy the Dhaka experience as much as me. Please drop in and meet me at the school whenever convenient for you.

Douglas A. Roy




Canadian International School, Bangladesh (CISB) is the only K – 12 school in Bangladesh combining a K – Grade 8 Curriculum from the Ontario Ministry of Education, with a Grades 9 – 12 Nova Scotia Curriculum from the Nova Scotia Ministry of Education. Established in 2005, CISB is a comprehensive, co-educational English medium school. There are over 20 different nationalities reflecting the multicultural diversity of our staff and students.

CISB is officially registered under the Ministry of Education, Bangladesh and is licensed to offer a Canadian Curriculum up to Grade 12. Originally, CISB offered an Early Years Program (EYP) and an Elementary School Program (ESP) Grades 1 to 8. In August of 2012, we added the Manitoba Grade 9 High School Program. In August of 2013, we added the Manitoba Grade 10. We have added Grade 11 for 2014-15 and Grade 12 for 2015-16. We celebrated our first Grade 12 Canadian graduation class in June of 2016. We will be offering Nova Scotia High School program from 2020. Since then we have had successful grade 12 graduates accepted into top ranked universities all around the world.

Governing Board

CISB is governed by a 5 member School Board, 2 from Management, 1 from the Academic group and 2 from the Parents association one of whom must be a Canadian citizen.


Our Canadian curriculum is holistic, hands-on and inquiry-based in nature. Students are expected to be active participants in their own learning and are given opportunities and assistance to do so. The teaching philosophy and educational materials used in the school compare favorably to those employed in North America. The curriculum is structured to enable students to integrate into any English speaking school system in the future. CISB students get a full credit transfer to any school in the same grade level in Canada or in the USA. Students graduating from CISB will be eligible to apply for enrollment to any English speaking university or college worldwide.

Placement Policy

Children are placed primarily by birth year. However, due consideration is also given to previous school records, results of a developmental screening for EC to KG students and a written assessment and personal interview for the older students (Grades 1 to 12). We also take into consideration the student’s emotional, physical maturity and achievement levels. Our Preschool accepts children from age 2, the Elementary from age 6 and the High School (Grades 9 – 12) from 14 to 17 years.


Our campus is located in Banani. The classrooms are air-conditioned, decorated with modern furnishings; we have internet access with a Wi-fi connection for Grade 7-12 students to connect their own devices. The school has a modern 10,000 volume library and a fully operational science lab. We also have a large multi-purpose hall and a wonderful courtyard.


The school is located in Banani, a residential area of Dhaka, not more than 10 minutes drive from anywhere in the Gulshan, Banani and Baridhara areas. (The majority of the expatriate population lives in these areas in Dhaka.)


CISB provides an air-conditioned mini-van service to and from school wherever it is feasible. We also provide transportation for our field trips.

School Year

The school year consists of 188 to 200 days – and is divided into three terms for Elementary School. The High School has two semesters.

E.S.                                                                                                        H.S.

Term1: August – November                                      Semester 1: August – January

Term2: December- March                                         Semester 2: January-June

Term3: April – June

Classes are held Sunday through Thursday.

School Hours

Early Years Program:

Early Childhood 1, Early Childhood 2 and Junior Kindergarten

Morning session: 8:30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m.

Kindergarten Program: 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Full Day session:

Elementary School Program: 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  High School:  8:10 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.

Extra-curricular Activities: Many extra-curricular activities take place outside the normal school day. These activities include drama, music, art, dance, cooking, computers, and piano, learning a foreign language, cultural and social events, and sports.

Pre-School and Kindergarten Programs

This includes Early Childhood Education (aged 2 and 3 years), Junior Kindergarten (4 years), and Kindergarten (KG – 5 years). Preschool is the foundation for effective learning. Carefully chosen activity based topics nurture each child’s growth and development. Using manipulative materials, centers, blocks and sand and water, each child’s first experiences are both stimulating and fun. Some children only watch at first but soon choose to become engaged and involved. Our children experience an introduction to literacy and numeracy, songs and rhymes, story time, painting, crafts, and outdoor play.

Our KINDERGARTEN PROGRAM begins to emphasize both literacy and simple printing skills. The alphabet, numbers, simple words and sentences which forms the skill framework for our KG’s. Unit themes are introduced such as our community and our world.

Elementary and Middle School Programs

The elementary and middle school students study the compulsory academic subjects along with a variety of arts and computer and athletic options. This includes the concepts and skills of THE ONTARIO CANADA CURRICULUM Grades 1 to 8. The Primary Years of Grades 1 – 3 emphasizes skills are conceptually development for the both English language arts and mathematics. The Juniors of Grades 4, 5 and 6 extend these skills much further consolidating both literacy skills and number skills.

The Intermediates of Grades 7 and 8 are involved in further consolidation and application of these skills. Their studies involve more complex topics.

The High School Program

Grades 9 to 12 are directly affiliated with Nova Scotia Education.  Nova Scotia is a eastern province in Canada.  It’s educational framework is a leader in Canada. All students take take core and optional courses offered in their four years of studying at CISB.  This path may include a variety of mathematics and science specialized courses, or a mix of compulsory and arts options.  Both paths lead to university acceptance at renowned universities around the world.


CISB is a fully accredited Canadian High School in Dhaka Bangladesh

The Canadian International School Bangladesh is fully accredited with the Ministry of Education in the province of Nova Scotia Canada.  Students receive a Nova Scotia high school diploma.  Official school transcripts are requested from Nova Scotia Education and are sent directly to the universities that are selected by the students.

International Education Partnerships

Manitoba works with school partners overseas to make Manitoba K-12 curriculum available to students in other countriea Scotias. Affiliation agreements permit overseas schools to teach the Manitoba school curriculum. Grade-level affiliations vary, but all affiliated schools overseas employ teachers who hold a Manitoba professional teaching certificate. The intent of most of the agreements is to enable high school graduates to be eligible for a Nova Scotia high school diploma with the prospect of entry into post-secondary institutions in Nova Scotia or other provinces/territories of Canada.

Nova Scotia Affiliated Programs Overseas



House 110, Road 27, Banani, Block A 
Dhaka, Bangladesh

The Canadian International High School Bangladesh uses the University of Toronto entry requirements as the goal for the majority of students enrolled in the school.


The Canadian International School Bangladesh has recently created an Alumni Association.  The first few rounds of graduates are studying in universities around the world.  We welcome newsletter submissions and all informational items pertaining to our graduates year round.  Click on the following link for information regarding our association.


Zuneid Nasim

University of Carleton,Ottawa, Canada (Scholarship)

Hussain Hirji


Mohammad Aiman Iqbal


Nafis Faisal Chowdhury

North South University(NSU), Bangladesh.

Sakura Anamul Riaz

University of Japan, Japan.

Samiya Kazi

North South University(NSU), Bangladesh.


Australian National University(ANU), Australia.

Tasin Islam Sakif

University Of West Virginia, USA (Scholarship)


Ahmed Karim


Raheen Raiyan Nabi

Monash University, Malaysia


Ibrahim Asad Iqbal

University of Toronto, Canada.

Shah Fahad Kakar

Simon Fraser University, Canada

Imran Al-amin


Shirshendu Karmakar



Mehraj Hassan Maruf

Memorial University(Pending),Canada

Azmain Islam Chowdhury


Hafezul Alam Talukder


Mohammad Marzan Rahman


Mohammed Mahy Alim


Nabilah Nawar







It is my great pleasure to be the Chairman of the Canadian International School Bangladesh.  CISB is the first Canadian school in Dhaka.  Established in 2005.  CISB offers an accredited Canadian curriculum to students from Pre-Kindergarten through grade 12.  Each and every year I am proud to be a part of educating local and international students.  We are preparing Global Citizens.  Youth who will go out into the world and make it a better place.

The campus planned for POHS will have state of the art facilities including athletic fields, a swimming pool, a fully digital campus staffed with the most qualified teachers in Bangladesh.

A Canadian high school diploma gains students entry into any university in the world.  CISB is producing graduates that are attending universities all over Canada, the UK, the USA, Australia and Bangladesh.  This is our goal.

With best regards,

Mohammad Kamal Uddin
Canadian International School Bangladesh