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 The High School (Secondary) Curriculum here at CIS for our Grades 9 - 12 students is the Manitoba Curriculum from the Province of Manitoba, Canada.

Canadian International School is an officially designated Manitoba curriculum school, which allows it broad latitude in the design and implementation of its Manitoba curriculum at the high school level, Grade 9 to Grade 12. However, being on Bangladesh soil, CIS also maintains the high ideals of Bangladeshi education and social values. The school also complies with national, provincial, and municipal education policies. 

The kindergarten and elementary curricula of CIS consist of a core--language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science (including computer education)--and supplements--physical education, music and visual arts that is consistent with Manitoba education. Within the Manitoba curriculum there is a particular emphasis on the use of interactive multimedia technology for instruction. 

The First Priority: Language Acquisition

Teaching the Manitoba curriculum across the grade levels proceeds in a sequence that emphasizes English language fluency, literacy, and subject mastery in the core and supplementary subject areas. 

The Next Priority: A Learning Community

With sufficient foundation in English, students are prepared for subject mastery in disciplines, as they will move from the elementary grades through high school. At these levels faculty members will continually engage in teaching for understanding that emphasizes the thoughtful selection of themes within the disciplines, and the goals for understanding. 

Teaching and Learning for Understanding

Teaching and learning for understanding is a both a philosophical approach to education and a formal model of schooling. As a philosophy it places understanding at the center of what education should ideally achieve. Understanding is defined as the connecting of knowledge and skills in ways that make the learner effective in her or his interaction with the environment, especially other people. 





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